Enemies of the SGFC

“A lot of loyalty for a hired gun” – CIA

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Owing to the enormous popular influence of the SGFC, we continually must exercise our responsibility to fight for the future of multimedia on the internet. For this reason, we have decided to publish our official list of ‘enemies’ that stand in the way of freedom, justice and digital capitalism – the fundamental three pillars of the SGFC.

Richard Stallman


Stallman and his gang of cronies known as the FSF are outspoken proponents of digital marxism and authoritarianism. Constantly they stand in the way of digital property rights protections under the guise of a deceptive interpretation of ‘freedom’. Fortunately, their following is niche and relatively harmless. Nevertheless, they must be stopped if the future of the free market is to be ensured.

“Electricity” Bill Shorten


Bill Shorten is a big government zealot and Green party lapdog concerned only with seeping socialism into the Australian economy. His allegiance is to misguided environmentalism rather than the Australian working class, as he claims is so, and as such, he must never be allowed to form government as prime minister.

The Paulbergs

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ronpaul randpaul

Two evil proponents of anarchy, also known racists having been involved in stormfront activities that would sooner see the economy collapse then let the government build roads. Their vision for the the future is best described by Mad Max 2, a world without law or morals where only might makes right. To vote for them is to give up your right as a human and to assign yourself the title of a lamb ready to be slaughtered by large unregulated megacorps. Only a true good goy would support these tyrants.

Hill Crew

Stole busty bin.

Layne (Known Normie)

(Stock Photo, No known image of Layne exists.)
(Stock Photo, No known image of Layne exists.)

(AKA Cheng Puck) A Deceiving dirty little man who is quick to claim himself equal to yourself, all the while being chad. A Vietnamese nationalist and communist revolutionary; do not trust anything he says, ever. A friend of a friend once tried to question him about what he was up to, and he is recorded as saying he was attending his mothers funeral, when pressed further with the backup of outside sources it was quickly found that these were tales of deceit and he was in fact out being a normie. This being has 0 loyalty or respect for the pepe culture and I’m told he would chuck even his closest friend under a bus if it meant he could go to a party. Be careful around this man and do not hesitate to take the offensive.


maxresdefault (1)

Bane is the mercenary – the masked man – who tried to steal CIA’s prize. He payed some hired guns to grab Dr. Pavel and subsequently crashed CIA’s plane with no survivors.


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