we are new nd up and coming teem that is very experienced in the art of doto. me nd rigby will 1v1 ne of you scrubs if u want to make sure. i’d like to establish first and fourmost that we take this game VERY SERIOUSLY. this is not something that we take lightly. doto is a way of life for us sgfc memebers. our team make up is filled with experience starting with the captain, the glorious layen, who has over 1000 wins and is infamous for being the gr8est player to ever roam the earth. second in command, rigby, is ok. sometimes he does good things but more often than not he feeds. thirdly is dominic, or more commonly referred to as domadick. hes absolute bad, beyond bad. still beetter than russel tho lol. we have 2 vacant slots atm and are looking for 1 player to fill a spot. the requirements are u must be eggy, hate all athiests and must best rigby in a 1v1 sniper mid. the last spot belongs to our glorious leader bonglord who is yet to return to us but the spot must stay vacant as upon his return he shall reclaim his throne and lead sgfc back towards it’s glorious daus. the epin steppins aim is to be the best in aus and it’s a dream that we strive towards everydau. the epin steppins opens it’s arms to all people who share the same dream. except russel, fuck off russel.

please respond.