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Blink is fuckin shit aye

blink 182 is probs the worst fuckin band in existence and they are solely responsible for killing punk. (punks not dead btw).

lord obama should have them fuckin executed for their crimes against humanity.

ps: listen to frenzal rhomb instead

pps: listen to bivattchee instead

On this day in 2009

Dominic, member of the lower council lost his left nut in a tragic bicycle accident involving a loose chain and a semi trailer. details from the police report indicate that he attempted to use the bicycle chain as a butt plug while it was still attached to the bike. while this was taking place a semi trailer is reported to have approached from behind, sending him flying and in the process tangling the chain around his left nut and tearing it from the sack.Complications in surgery caused major bloodless but after a few months recovery he was back in the seat. it did take some extra months for him to regain his balance with the weight missing on the left.


Also layne arrived in australia aboard the NYONG PANGU immigrant vessel from vietnam. we are still trying to figure out how he got through.