SAAE14: Games

Welcome again to another night’s presentation of SAAE awards for 2014. Tonight’s category is on the subject of interactive media – more colloquially – video games. Again, I will take this opportunity to reiterate my gratitude for SGFCMoM’s tireless efforts ensuring our recipients are justly awarded.

The winners are as follows:


The Layne Award

for most normie game

Dota 2


The CoD Award

for most overrated game

Dota 2


The Viva Pinata Award

for most underrated game

Star Wars: Battlefront 2


The Foe Hammer Award

for best minor character in a game

Pastor Whiskey – Fistful of Frags


The Combat Evolved Award

for best multiplayer game

Fistful of Frags


The Valve Award

for best developer



The Happy Merchant Award

for best Marketing Campaign

Wolfenstein: The New Order


The Waterworld Award

for biggest flop

Steam on Linux


The Master Race Award

for best gaming subculture



The Chad Award

for most normie gamer

Cheng “Layne” Puck


The Gabe Newell Award

for best gaming personality

Milo Yiannopoulos


The Halo 3 PC Award

for most highly anticipated game

Cities: Skylines


The Ancient Evil Award

for biggest threat to video games

Digital Marxism: SJW and FSF influence


The GOTY Award for 2014

for game of the year
And the prize goes to….


Thank you for joining us here at SGFCMoM. Stay tuned for more awards.

Merry SAAE to you all.

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