SAAE14: Music

Tonight we at SGFCMoM present the first category of the SAAE14 awards: Music.

Music is an important artform to the SGFC. We are concerned with only the very best quality patrician music, and tonight’s award recipients each represent that most sacred commitment in a way that only SGFCMoM is capable.



The Master of the House Award

For most musically patrician SGFC member



The Punk Award

For deadest band

J Church (aka Gay Church)


The One Hit Wonder Award

For best song from an otherwise mediocre band

Forever Now (1982) – Cold Chisel


The Classical Award

For best classical composition

Rebel Fleet/End Title (1980) – John Williams


The John Williams Award

For best classical composer
James Horner

The Frozen Hero Award

For most underrated classic

Moviestar (1975) – Harpo


The No Jacket Required Award

For best album

SGFC: Hustlercore (2014) – SGFC

Honorable mention: Enema of the State (1999) – Blink 182


The Phil Collins Award

For best musician

Mark Hoppus – Blink 182


And last, but certainly not least, our most prestigious music award:


The SOTY Award for 2014

For song of the year

And the prize goes to….



Thank you for joining us here at SGFCMoM. Stay tuned for more awards in the coming weeks.

Merry SAAE to you all.


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