SGFC Presents: SGFC Hustlercore: The Official SGFC Hustling Album

Once in a generation there comes a musical event so influential and inspirational it joins the halls of history as an iconic masterpiece symbolic of it’s period. Today, as the SGFCMoM Director of Multimedia, I am pleased to announce the latest in this tradition of landmark albums to be considered amongst the unsurpassed mastery of Phil Collins’ No Jacket Required, and comparable to the genre-saving genius of Blink 182’s Enema of the State.

On behalf of the SGFC, the SGFCMoM presents: SGFC Hustlercore – The Official SGFC Hustling Album


SGFC Hustlercore


This album – the SGFC’s first – was compiled by the top university-recognized multimedia experts of the SGFCMoM. Some have claimed our impeccable taste in music, and so our appreciation for Phil Collins, is what sets the SGFC apart. Others have claimed it is our remarkably patrician tastes in film that define us. There is one universal truth invariably agreed upon by all, however. The SGFC is a community of hustlers, and now, we present an album of all the quintessential songs to listen to whilst hustling plebs.

You may find your copy here.

Hustle well, my friends, but  remember:

It’s not about your hustling skill…

….It’s in the way that you use it.


This has been a message from the SGFC Director of Multimedia, Skunk

This message has been brought to you by the SGFC Ministry of Multimedia (SGFCMoM)

Approved by SGFC Director of Multimedia Skunk


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