SGFC Presents: MAGIS

We take music very seriously here at the SGFC.  That is why we have a Director of Multimedia who is accredited by Australia’s top universities for his taste in Multimedia.

On occasion, our director of multimedia bestows his prestigious approval on the best of the industry in order to re-affirm the SGFC’s commitment to the patrician arts. Among these is the coveted MAGIS Award, which is presented to the Most Air Guitar Inducing Song.

After significant deliberation, the SGFC Ministry of Multimedia has chosen to award Eric Clapton with the MAGIS award, for his 1986 hit It’s In The Way That You Use It,  made famous for its association to the Scorsese cinematic masterpiece, The Color of Money.

Congratulations, Eric.

This message was brought to you by the SGFC Ministry of Multimedia (SGFCMoM).

Approved by SGFC Director of Multimedia Skunk.

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