SAAE 15/16: FIN

Now that February has drawn to a close, so too must we conclude SAAE15/16. Thanks for joining us here at the SGFCMoM over the past month. The SGFCMoM’s tireless commitment to recognising the highest quality in media has bore fruit for another year. As always, the SGFC is grateful for their service.



This presentation was brought to you by the SGFC Ministry of Multimedia


SAAE15/16: Misc

Thanks for joining us here at the SGFCMoM for another presentation of SAAE awards for 2015 and 2016. Before the end of the month, the SGFCMoM is excited to present this, our final category, pertaining to the miscellaneous awards not covered in any other category.

The winners are as follows:

The Cheng Puck Award

For biggest normie:

Cheng “Layne” Puck

For his tireless dedication to such desperately normie games as Dota 2, the SGFC’s own Layne can be not be ignored as the most deserving person of 2015/16 for this award.


The Louis CK Award

For biggest cuck

Bernie Sanders

Despite his unsuccessful bid to destroy the United States, and thus the world, irrepairably and beyond measure in the past two years, Senator Sanders was successful in setting new levels for cuckoldry over the course of his doomed campaign.


The Sussudio Award

For highest SGFC score

Cheng “Layne” Puck

Despite his well documented normie endeavours, Layne is also a well known Phil Collins fan. His SGFC score, relating to ones dedication to Phil Collins and his music, is known to be the highest in the SGFC at 97.


The Summer Glau Award

For SGFC achievement of the year

Skunk – The Revival of SAAE

Despite pressure from rival (and unoffical) award ceremonies such as OSMA and threats of terrorism from the Butcher of Saigon himself, Skunk bravely and at great personal cost took it upon himself to reconvene the SGFCMoM and revive the SAAE tradition. In doing so, the SGFC’s commitment to quality media is reaffirmed and the media landscape at large is positively affected.


The RIP In Piece Award

For most welcome death


The hack known as prince couldn’t make a good song to save his life. Thankfully, this clown has now been permanently expunged from the face of the earth,



The Gutenberg Award

for best book

Democracy: The God That Failed (2001) – Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s musings on the failures of Democracy are as insightful as they are despised by the tyrannical left. Indeed, we should waste no time acting  on Hoppe’s ideas. The mass execution of communists by helicopter skydiving remains the most effective option for saving society.


The Microsoft Award

for best program


The value proposition of Blender as a full featured 3D modelling suite to compete with commercial software priced in the range of thousands of dollars is impossible to ignore. It’s a staggering wonder how the jews at Autodesk can remain in business.


The Google Award

for best company

Lockheed Martin

(Honorable mention: AMD)

Despite the incessant hostility from left wing pacifist types, Lockheed Martin has exceeded all expectations for their Joint Strike Fighter program thus far. Their successful bid for the Air 5428 pilot training system is only an additional feat to their impressive record of success.


The Schlomo Award

for worst company


Continuing their relentless and wicked quest to rid software developers of all intellectual property rights, the FSF are largely irrelevant but nonetheless galvanised in their hatred for capitalism and freedom.


The Skunk Award

for greatest contribution to the arts

Phil Collins

Especially in light of his recent return from retirement, it’s hard to imagine a recipient for this award more deserving than Phil Collins.


The Gravemind Award

for greatest enemy to the SGFC

Richard Stallman

Figurehead of the FSF, this dumb, fat communist retard will stop at nothing to rid the world of property rights forever.


The MOTY Award for 2015/16

for man of the year

And the prize goes to….


Thank you for joining us again here at SGFCMoM.

Merry SAAE to you all.

SAAE 15/16: Games

Welcome again to another night’s presentation of SAAE awards. Tonight’s category is on the subject of interactive media – more colloquially – video games. Again, I will take this opportunity to reiterate my gratitude for SGFCMoM’s tireless efforts ensuring our recipients are justly awarded.

The winners are as follows:


The Layne Award

for most normie game

Dota 2

Played by only the most normal of normies, Dota 2 is by far the most quantitatively normie game. Just ask SGFC’s resident normie, Cheng Puck aka Layne.



The CoD Award

for most overrated game

Dota 2

Nobody can say exactly what it is that makes such a terrible game so popular. The expert panel of SGFCMoM has offered the suggestion it is due to the low amount of Skill required Per Second (sps).



The Viva Pinata Award

for most underrated game

Star Wars Battlegrounds

Derided by some as a mere star wars skin for Age of Empires, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds comes into its own for its inherent depth and high Skill Per Second (SPS)  required. Games like Battlegrounds remind us quite clearly that RTSes are in their natural habitat when 2D.



The Combat Evolved Award

for best multiplayer game

Halo 3

Few fair minded objective people would take issue with the basic premise of Halo 3’s dominance as a multiplayer first person shooter.



The Valve Award

for best developer


Having won this award for a second straight year, Bethesda are yet to be toppled from the top spot of crafting  quality interactive experiences.



The Waterworld Award

for biggest flop

Steam Machines

Now several years having passed since their launch, anyone but the most hardened valvedrone can admit steam machines were a collosal failure. Are the limitations and support of Linux to blame? Maybe. (Yes)



The Chad Award

for most normie gamer

Cheng “Layne” Puck

Requires no explanation. A man who plays normie games such as dota 2 on this scale can only be construed as king of the normies.


The Gabe Newell Award

for best gaming personality

Pew Die Pie

Revealed in all his redpilled aryan glory, the popular YouTube game streamer has proven with recent comments that not all sweedes are shameless cuckolds.



The Halo 3 PC Award

for most highly anticipated game
Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 follows the cult classic Xbox 360 RTS, promising more of the trademark halo art direction and sci fi intrigue. Will this be the final nail in the coffin of the failing Dawn of War series? The SGFC certainly hopes so.



The Ancient Evil Award

for biggest threat to video games

Linux gaming

The intrusion of Linux into the traditional windows territory of computer gaming is both unwelcome and dangerous. While few words of commendation can be said for windows’ merits as an operating system, its quality and user friendliness certainly towers over Linux. Nevertheless, the bitter nerds who actually use Linux as their desktop os and insist Linux is usable as a gaming system seek to undermine gaming by diverging developer resources into supporting their useless operating system.


The GOTY Award for 2015/16

for game of the year
And the prize goes to….


Thank you for joining us here at SGFCMoM. Stay tuned next week for the final category of SAAE 15/16.

Merry SAAE to you all.

SAAE15/16: Film

Thank you for joining us again for the next round of SAAE awards as part of the ongoing SAAE15/16 celebrations. Tonight’s category is film, and I once again thank the SGFCMoM for their tireless commitment to recognising the very best in art and entertainment making this event possible



The Bazinga Award

For most overrated TV show:

Stranger things (2016)

2016’s Stranger Things deserves this award for its staggering mediocrity proportional to the critical acclaim surrounding it. Also, for their endorsement of Antifa the cast members deserve only to be thrown out of a helicopter



The New Flesh Award

For best TV Show:

Samurai Jack (2001)

In celebration of the 5th season to be released in the coming month, Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2001 animated masterpiece is bestowed this award with great enthusiasm.



The Based Trigger Award

For best anime:

One Punch Man (2015)

Yes, it is indeed possible the japs can outdo hollywood on capeshit and One Punch Man is the proof. Possibly – quite likely in fact – the best anime ever made.



The Human Bean Award

For best character:

George Patton – from Patton (1970)

George C Scott’s portrayal of the eponymous General Patton exemplifies the spirit of war in such a way that has been unrivalled since.


The Brother Bear Award

For most underrated movie:

Waterloo (1970)

(Honorable mention: Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome)

Perhaps the most ambitious war film ever conceived. Supported by the exceptional performances from Christopher Plummer and Rod Steiger, and a general sense of scale unlike anything seen since, this movie truly epitomizes the term ‘warkino’.



The Howard Ashman Award

For best original song from a film

We Don’t Need Another Hero (1985) – Tina Turner

From “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”

Tina Turner’s memorable performance in the third Mad Max film is underscored by her valuable contribution to the soundtrack.



The Éponine Award

For most underappreciated genre


It’s no accident that there hasn’t been a truly decent war film since the 80s. Today’s feminised millenial audiences have lost interest in this traditionally masculine class of film. Perhaps when they are inevitably called to fight in the next World War their disposition will change.



The Beauty and the Beast Award

For best animated film

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

The creative and unique yet decidedly touching Lilo and Stitch represents the best of the disney post-renaissance era.



The Rawcorp Award

For most redpilled film:

Gone with the Wind (1939)

With refreshing doses of confederate sympathy, mild ‘sexism’, and masculine virtue, Gone with the Wind is a movie that couldn’t be made today as a simple fact of political reality.’



The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Award

For most bluepilled film:

Batman vs Superman (2016)

The notion of capeshit movies as serious dramas serves only as fodder to manchildren. Fortunately, Zack Snyder’s attempts at a coherent cinematic universe have continued to fall apart, much to the chagrin of plebeians like Cheng Puck.



The Klendathu Drop Award

For best science fiction

Interstellar (2014)

Bravo Nolan. While commonly misunderstood for its core themes by the more simple minded,  the 2014 science fiction epic Interstellar is not only one of the best movies of this century so far but has earned a commendable standing amongst the greatest science fiction films ever produced.



The MOTY Award for 2015/16

For film of the year:

And the prize goes to…



Thank you for joining us here at SGFCMoM. Stay tuned for more awards in the coming weeks.

Merry SAAE to all.


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SAAE15/16: Music

Welcome to the first award presentation of SAAE15/16. Tonight, we at SGFCMoM are proud to present the first category of SAAE awards: Music.

Music is an important artform to the SGFC. We are concerned with only the very best quality patrician music, and tonight’s award recipients each represent that most sacred commitment in a way that only SGFCMoM is capable.



The Master of the House Award

For most musically patrician SGFC member


For the second time, our Director of Multimedia, Skunk, has proven himself most worthy of this award by virtue of being by far the most tasteful and musically fastidious member of the SGFC.



The Thenardiers’ Piss Award

For most tone deaf SGFC member

Cheng “Layne” Puck

The communist insurgent and low level SGFC member, Cheng Puck, (known to some under the alias of Robert Dao) has continued his tradition of failing to recognise quality music when he hears it, surprising no one.



The Punk Award

For deadest band


Little to say here. Punk is dead and so are these fags. Nothing of value was lost.



The White Christmas Award

For best christmas song and henceforth official christmas song of the SGFC

Driving Home for Christmas (1988) – Chris Rea

Chris Rea’s timeless and “comfy” chrismas carol exemplifies the most important holiday tradition of western society, time with family, a tenet that the SGFC endorses.



The Classical Award

For best classical composition

Exodus (1960) – Ernest Gold

(Honorable mention: Klendathu Drop (1997) – Starship Troopers)

Ernest Gold’s stirring score the 1960 epic “Exodus” serves as a rousing tribute to nationalism and reminds us to take pride in our heritage and that borders are more than just lines on a map.



The John Williams Award

For best classical composer

James Horner

Awarded posthumously. James Horner was a genius taken from us too soon – a real hero and a real human bean. Rest in Peace.



The Frozen Hero Award

For most underrated classic

Nik Kershaw (1975) – Wide Boy

Although seldom accurately recognised as one of the most talented songwriters of his generation, Nik Kershaw’s bittersweet anthem for the sin of excess has the added bonus of an utterly kino music video.



The No Jacket Required Award

For best album

Face Value (1981) – Phil Collins

Although the very concept of albums has become antiquidated in more recent years, Face Value, as a compilation, represents the very best of the medium. Absolved by history, this masterpiece will go under-recognised by the snobbish, pontificating musical elite no longer.



The Phil Collins Award

For best musician

Phil Collins

In honour of his upcoming comeback tour, the legendary Phil Collins is clearly the artist most deserving of such an award that invokes his namesake.
And last, but certainly not least, our most prestigious music award:

The SOTY Award for 2015/16

For song of the year
And the prize goes to….



Thank you for joining us here at SGFCMoM. Stay tuned for more awards in the coming weeks.

Merry SAAE to you all.


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SAAE 15/16

Finally… after all these years…. the SGFC Awards of Arts and Entertainment has come again. For the third time, the SGFCMoM has convened to bestow the most exceptional artists in history with their coveted recognition.


Why the gap? It’s been just over a year since the teaser for SAAE 15 was released.


Despite the subsequent hype associated with the annual SAAE awards, it was decided, due to the then current state of global affairs, that SAAE15 was to be postponed.


This time a year ago, western society hung in the balance. Decent people all around the globe held their breath as the megabitch and known globalist enabler Hillary Clinton made her play for the presidency of the United States of America. The SGFC Director of Multimedia, with wise counsel from the SGFCMoM, decided that the time was not right for celebration, and instead, SAAE would be suspended until such a time that the forces of good had been restored.


Their intuition proved fruitful. On January 20th, 2017, Donald J. Trump was formally inaugurated as the 45th President of the United Stated, thus saving western society from globalism for at least another generation.


It is now a time for celebration. A time for recognition.


A time for SAAE15/16.


As is the tradition, the award recipients will be announced over the course of the month ahead. To all SGFC members and followers: Have a very merry SAAE.


This message is endorsed by the SGFCMoM and the SGFC Director of Multimedia.


Brought to you by SGFC Hustlercore: the Official SGFC Hustling Album. Get your copy today.

SGFC Hustlercore

RIP: Alan Bond, 1938 – 2015

The SGFC wishes to pay tribute to Australian businessman, Alan Bond, who died of heart surgery complications earlier today.

Alan Bond was a contemporary Australian hero and a champion for private enterprise. Renown for his skill in business, his founding of Bond University on the Gold Coast in 1987 remains among the most significant events for tertiary education in the history of this country.


We will keep him in our hearts and always remember his contribution.

This message was approved by the SGFC High Council.

SAAE14: That’s a wrap

As we reach the end of February, so too must we conclude SAAE14. Thanks for joining us here at the SGFCMoM over the past month. We hope you enjoyed this year’s SAAE festival, but we’ll be back for SAAE15.

For now, from all of here at SGFCMoM, merry SAAE to all.

Play us out, Frank.

“For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels
and not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows
and did it my way”


SAAE has been brought to you by the SGFCMoM, the SGFC High Council, and the SGFC Director of Multimedia.


SAAE14: Misc

Thanks for joining us here at the SGFCMoM for another presentation of SAAE awards for 2014. We are drawing close to the end of SAAE14 now,  and this, our final category, pertains to the miscellaneous awards not covered in any other category.


The winners are as follows:


The Cheng Puck Award

for biggest normie:

Cheng “Layne” Puck


The Louis CK Award

for biggest cuck

Cheng “Layne” Puck


The Sussudio Award

for highest SGFC score

Cheng “Layne” Puck


The Summer Glau Award

for SGFC achievement of the year

Skunk – The creation of SAAE


The RIP In Piece Award

for most welcome death

Philip Hughes


The Benghazi Award

for biggest scandal

Discovery of Layne’s deviantart page


The Gutenberg Award

for best book

Catcher in the Rye (1951) – J.D. Salinger

Honorable mention: Starship Troopers (1959) – Robert A. Heinlein


The Microsoft Award

for best program



The Google Award

for best company



The Schlomo Award

for worst company


Honorable mention: The FSF


The Skunk Award

for greatest contribution to the arts

Phil Collins


The Gravemind Award

for greatest enemy to the SGFC

Richard Stallman


The MOTY Award for 2014

for man of the year

And the prize goes to….




Thank you for joining us again here at SGFCMoM.

Merry SAAE to you all.